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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates on the page, i got into an accident and broke my collar bone and seperated my shoulder. So i've ended up missing work and sleeping a lot because of the pain meds.
I will be posting a new announcement later today so keep an eye out for it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

If you really want to help me PLEASE click an ad or two.I cannot access funds yet.

Well since my email server appears to be giving me trouble still i'm going to just upload them here.

Here is the overclock kernel:
You must be running my CM port. You CANNOT flash this through XIONA recovery.
Here is a copy of SetCPU for it:

And of course, the one that will be up for a certain amount of time that is JUST a test build based on the recovery menu for the other optimus models. GINM is to thank for that :

Follow instructions, I cannot stress that enough. Make sure these are flashed in the correct order, if you need help I created fixes, just ask.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Test builds are going out for things now.
I have them all marked, I have selected some of you and I will know if they are leaked.
Follow the included instructions

paypal donation for those asking


I have finished a working overclock kernel.I will be releasing a package tonight with it and a fix for those of you who mess up.I thought ahead this time.

It overclocks to slightly over 850mhz. And it also lets you underclock.Its only compatible with a handful of cpu programs but that will change with time and you really need just one anyways.

You must be running my CM port.
Recovery test builds will go out tonight as well

Thursday, June 9, 2011


The list is almost full. I will commence testing once my laptop is done and send out the files right away.I need 3 more people, and guys click an ad or two. It might just help your chances :p

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Okay so I didn't want to wait much longer but work is killing me. Within the next few days I am releasing a recovery menu to a few of you and a new rom. I need testers, so who wants to volunteer?

Monday, June 6, 2011

XIona recovery

I'm going to ask very nicely that you guys please stop flashing this recovery. It is not safe for the LG optimus C and is known to cause conflict.
A new recovery will be released soon and i'm not sure why feet on being dragged on it. We all know GINM is a very busy man.
My bud Lilg on the forums can take care of any questions you guys have as he's also a dev for the ally. However feel free to ask me on here and I answer when I can on the forums.
We made a FAQ section for you guys to ask questions and i'd like to ask that you guys start using it because the forum is getting cluttered.
I link to this site because this is my personal blog, I can access it better, and since I get no donations it brings in a little money for the energy drink fund :p keep me coding haha.
I'm sorry if I come off a little harsh sometimes, it's just if you see everyone else bricking their phones and you do the same thing thinking your outcome will be won't be. And once you hit a certain point I cannot help you.
As always make sure your card is partitioned, and using an ext3 partition is just wonderful. takes care of a lot of issues I noticed so keep that in mind.
well thanks for reading this and hey click an ad or two. It helps more than you know.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New rom

There is a special new rom i've been working on for you guys. The last bug I have is the GPS not functioning yet.its about twice as fast as CM with overclock ability.

Download CM

So here's a CM port for the optimus C. Yes I made a page as you can see, Since no one is donating the least you can do is click my's the download link

 Download Here