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Monday, June 6, 2011

XIona recovery

I'm going to ask very nicely that you guys please stop flashing this recovery. It is not safe for the LG optimus C and is known to cause conflict.
A new recovery will be released soon and i'm not sure why feet on being dragged on it. We all know GINM is a very busy man.
My bud Lilg on the forums can take care of any questions you guys have as he's also a dev for the ally. However feel free to ask me on here and I answer when I can on the forums.
We made a FAQ section for you guys to ask questions and i'd like to ask that you guys start using it because the forum is getting cluttered.
I link to this site because this is my personal blog, I can access it better, and since I get no donations it brings in a little money for the energy drink fund :p keep me coding haha.
I'm sorry if I come off a little harsh sometimes, it's just if you see everyone else bricking their phones and you do the same thing thinking your outcome will be won't be. And once you hit a certain point I cannot help you.
As always make sure your card is partitioned, and using an ext3 partition is just wonderful. takes care of a lot of issues I noticed so keep that in mind.
well thanks for reading this and hey click an ad or two. It helps more than you know.

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